Breathing silica dust is known to cause silicosis a devastating disease that causes scarring and inflammation of the lungs, as well as thousands of deaths worldwide each year. It particularly affects sandblasters, mine, quarry, ceramics, and foundry workers.

Silicosis AttorneysSilicosis is a subtype of pneumoconiosis, which is a term encompassing many types of lung diseases caused by breathing harmful dust, including asbestosis, as well as anthracosis, bauxite fibrosis, berylliosis, siderosis, byssinosis, silicosiderosis, and stannosis. If you have any of these diseases as a result of your working conditions, you may have a workers’ compensation case.

You can also get silicosis or another type of pneumoconiosis if you live near an industrial area that is improperly emitting silica or other pollutants. If the exposure was caused by wrongful or unsafe act or procedure, you may have a civil claims for damages. If you have been diagnosed with silicosis or any other type of pneumoconiosis and you believe your exposure was caused by the wrongful act of someone else, Keane Law LLC can help to assess whether you may have a claim for money damages.