They say you can’t fight city hall. But Keane Law LLC has fought and won. Our attorneys secured the largest settlement in the state of Missouri in connection with the red light camera cases. At times, principal attorney Ryan Keane was the only attorney in the state pushing these cases forward. There were defeats along the way. But Keane Law pushed through, appealing every adverse decision, all the way up to the Missouri Supreme Court and ultimately prevailed, ending red light cameras in the state of Missouri for the foreseeable future, while securing significant compensation for victims.

Lawsuits against the government

What’s wrong with red light cameras, you ask? These devices take photos of automobiles going through red lights and then automatically send a ticket to the owner. For one thing, they are illegal under Missouri statutes, as Keane Law was able to prove. But more importantly, red light cameras are not designed to improve safety—they are a way for municipalities to collude with red light camera companies to make money at citizens’ expense. Studies show that they do not improve red light compliance, and in some cases, may actually make the roads more dangerous. What’s more, in order to increase the revenue that they generate, red light camera companies will sometimes manipulate traffic light timing, including the amount of time the yellow light is showing, in order to deliberately increase violations.

We may not yet know where the next big case against the government will come. But Keane Law has fought city hall and won. If you are an employee aware of government wrongdoing, it may be a whistleblower case, or if government officials are publishing damaging lies against you it may be a defamation case. Contact Keane Law LLC today for a free case evaluation.