Lead is a naturally occurring substance that is highly toxic, and is proven to cause birth defects and learning disabilities in exposed children. Lead was widely used in paint and gasoline in the U.S. until it was banned in paint in 1978. Numerous homes and businesses built before that date still may contain lead.

Lead Contamination Lawsuits

You may have seen heavy news coverage regarding lead contamination in Flint, Michigan and other places. Despite knowledge dating back to ancient Roman times of lead toxicity, lead pipes were commonly used to deliver drinking water throughout the United States prior to the 1980s. Some major U.S. cities still have 100 percent lead piping. Theoretically, a natural oxidation layer should protect the water against being contaminated by lead, but leaving a system of lead pipes to deliver water in this day and age is asking for trouble.

Lead Poisoning Attorneys

The trick is figuring out who made the decision to include lead (or to fail to remove it), and whether that person can be liable for the devastating consequences their actions produced. The complex litigation attorneys at Keane Law LLC are prepared to do the digging necessary to find out who is to blame.

Lead poisoning attorneys

Do You Have a Lead Poisoning Case?

If you were exposed to lead by someone else’s actions and gave birth to a child with a birth defect, or if you or your child suffered from a learning disability after lead exposure, you may have a claim for damages. Contact Keane Law LLC for a free case evaluation.